L vom Stillwasser

EIck vom Stillwasser

VJP 70 HZP 163 VGP 268

Charlotte vom Stillwasser

VJP 70 HZP 188 VGP 275

(A.K.A. Ike) Sired our G, and J litters
(A.K.A. Carla) Produced our I, J and K litters

Performance Breeding

Carla will be bred in June 2014. 

Puppies should be born in August 2014

ready for placement in October 2014

No longer taking deposits on this litter

Check back in August for further availability

This breeding is a repeat of our J litter a blend of German/Italian/American bloodlines.  Both individuals have similar ancestory and both have that great switch that we all value so highly in a hunting companion, laid back in the house but full of fire in the field.  Ike was an absolute joy to train and handle through the testing program, early to mature, a quick learner and cooperative to a fault.  He loves to please.  Ike is approximately 27 inches tall and at 75 lbs. has a very noble bearing.  He is strong in the water and an accomplished upland hunting dog.  He has a truly gifted nose and completed the optional over-night blood track during his VGP Utility test.  Based on his previous breedings, these puppies should be strong pointers, with exceptional noses and excellent companions with great personalities.

We are equally excited about what Carla will add to this breeding.  She is a stylish upland pointer, very hard searching dog with lots of desire. A proud member of one of our most impressive litters, Carla was the second dog from our kennel to complete the VGP, her littermate brother was the first. She has always been a consistant performer and she too was easy to train and continues to be one of our favorite hunting dogs.  She produced our I, J and K litters with excellent results.  I'm confident this breeding will produce balanced working dogs that are easy to train and excellent hunting companions.  This breeding represents several years of work in our efforts to consistantly produce quality hunting companions.  Both dogs are fully house broken and model citizens in addition to being superior hunting dogs. This will be a performance breeding and puppies will be $1200.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

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