L vom Stillwasser
Now taking deposits for early spring breeding

Archer vom Black Creek

(AKA Osso) VJP 73

Brandie v.d. Landstrassen

(A.K.A. Brei) VJP 73

2016 Armbruester Best Field Dog 12 Nose 196/186

VGP - Prize I 309

2017 Armbruester 181

Among Most Beutiful Females

We are very excited about our upcoming litter.  Brie is the result of 4 generations of breeding from this kennel.  She is truly the complete package, pointing, water love, intelligence and a nose that is second to none.  She also has a tremendous coat and confirmation and a joy to be around.  Absolute perfect disposition.  Osso’s accomplishments within VDD are truly outstanding,but in addition, he is also a Versatile Champion within NAHVDA. Having spent time with him in the field, I believe these dogs could really be something special.  Brei is due in late January early February.

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