Training hunting dogs is something I’ve enjoyed all of my life.  Nothing pleases me more than watching a young dog successfully complete the task at hand.  Most of the time I’m actively training or working my own dogs but from time to time I do take in outside dogs for training.  This is an opportunity to receive individual training specific to the needs of your dog.  I DO NOT have a prescribed training “program".  I have had best success by using a multitude of tools and techniques matched to the individual needs of each dog.  I have yet to find two dogs exactly alike and don’t anticipate successfully using the exact same training techniques on any two dogs.  I have found there is no real “magic” to dog training.  Instead, I rely on the ability to read and understand dogs and invest the work and time needed to communicate the desired task.  I will be happy to discuss your needs and my experience to insure that any training plan that is developed will meet with success from your stand point as well as mine.  While I have owned and trained several other types of sporting breeds, I give priority to Drahthaars and VDD members.

While I have had success in AKC field trials, both as breeder handler, and judge, I am most proud of my accomplishments in the VDD testing system which currently includes 9 VJP's, 10 HZP's, and 4 VGP's. We are willing to discuss any specific problem area or training need, however our particular expertise would include any of the following areas.

  • Basic Obedience - Come, Sit, stay, heel, down, kennel.
  • Trained Retrieve (aka Force Fetch)
  • Advanced Retrieving - Taking a line, Blind retrieve, steady in the stand, water search,
  • Advanced Field- Steady to flush, steady to shot, steady to fall, game drags, etc.
  • Blood Tracking - Dog and Handler
  • Performance Test Preparation
  • VJP, HZP, & VGP