Thank you for considering a puppy from Stillwasser Kennels.  Our goal is to produce the best hunting companions available. We strongly support the VDD testing program and breeding regulations, and have been an active member of VDD-GNA since 1996, and believe this to be the most stringent breeding registry available for sporting dogs. Should you have general questions about the breed, VDD Group North America, is an excellent resource or for our kennel, I can be reached via email at  or by phone at 704-865-9971.

Puppies are typically available for release to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.  Each puppy will be tatooed, fully registered in Germany, have at least two rounds of shots and wormed.  Our puppies are well socialized in our home, and will be fully exposed to both birds and water.  The pricing for our puppies will be published in the litter announcement and is specific to that litter.  You may reserve a puppy by placing a $300 refundable deposit which is included in the total price of the puppy.  The deposit is a “good faith” action demonstrating your sincere desire to purchase a puppy from the agreed upon litter.  This reservation is specific to sex only (not color).  The placement of the puppies will be based on a combination of factors including but not limited to, order in which the deposit was received, desired temperament, type of hunting you do, and any other characteristics most important to you.  I will have spent many hours getting to know the puppies of a specific litter and will do my best to match the puppies in a particular litter with the desires of the new owners.  It is very important to get as much input as possible from you concerning this very important decision.  I will specifically direct you away from making a selection based on emotion or a whim.  In addition, I reserve the right to refuse placement of any puppy at my own discretion.  The refundable deposit will be returned if we are unable to provide the buyer with a pup from the agreed upon breeding.


All our pups are unconditionally guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase.    Should the puppy develop a genetic defect within the first twelve months I will replace the puppy.  I must be notified immediately by your vet once the problem has been discovered.  If you contact us during the first 12 months with a specific problem that may improve over time, the guarantee can be extended if mutually agreed.  We will require full medical history to honor the guarantee, and the dog will be returned at the buyers expense.

This guarantee applies only to the original buyer and is null and void if the dog was purchased under false pretenses, abused or bred prior to being certified for breeding as determined by the VDD Breeding Regulations.

Shipping your puppy via air cargo

We much prefer puppies be picked up at our kennel, however, we are conveniently located approximately 20 minutes from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC.  I have had best success with either Northwest or Delta airlines, but most all major carriers service the Charlotte airport.  The only additional cost to you will be my expenses (approximately $50 to cover additional vet check, health certificate etc.)  All freight shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. 

Breeding Philosophy

Our breeding philosophy is simple.  We use the best dogs available to compliment a well established line breeding program.  We focus on proven lines both here in the U.S. as well as Europe.  We value a dog from a strong family or kennel over a particularly gifted individual that may be more of an anomaly than a true representative of the genetics behind the dog.  Typically our dogs have very hard tight coats, good face furnishings, with strong natural retrieving and pointing instincts.  We also focus on excellent confirmation and superior intelligence.  While excellent companions that thrive on human contact, our dogs are also true working dogs that enjoy the challenge of the many expectations placed on this truly versatile breed.  We do not maintain, “brood bitches or stud dogs”.  All of our dogs are wonderful companions and active hunting dogs and are expected to perform at a high level.

Why buy a Stillwasser Drahthaar??

I am an active hunter and trainer and enjoy seeing a young dog learn his craft.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than working with a truly gifted individual that only requires minimal instruction to complete the desired task.  This is a strong consideration in all of our breeding decisions.  We do not use “hard headed”, “hyper”, or difficult dogs in our breeding program no matter the test score or lineage.  We believe a dog should be an asset to the hunting experience, and an enjoyable companion year round.  I make every attempt to make my final breeding evaluations over dogs in the field, not taking the word of a well intentioned owner, nor breeding on a whim to the latest import from Germany. 

I am an active member of Verien Deutch Drahthaar breed club and strong supporter of the German testing system.  This insures that our dogs meet the highest breeding requirements available, far exceeding the AKC, UKC, FDSB or any of the lesser, more lenient dog breed registries.  While all this is important, the real test for our dogs is how they perform, both as a hunter and as a companion.  Whether your watching him drive across the open field in search of quail or pheasant, crashing through brier thickets on the side of a mountain looking for ruffed grouse or lounging around the TV waiting for his favorite commercial, he should always be a true joy and pleasure to own.

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