Eick (Ike), now retired from breeding, but is still and active member of the hunt team.

Eick vom Stillwasser

VJP - 70  HZP - 163 VGP - 263

We couldn't be more excited about Brei's potential and what she brings to our breeding progam.  She is from a very strong motherline that includes Ice vom Stillwasser (dam) and Charlotte vom Stillwasser (our favorite).  You can see from her scores that she is truly the complete package.  But her most outstanding qualities may be her nose and temperatment. She is an absolute joy to be around and is simply on another level when scenting conditions are tough.  She is an excellent example of the strong natural pointing instinct (a natural backer) we breed for and she has the coat to withstand the coldest days on the water.  We are currently evaluating potential sires for her first litter planned for the spring of 2019.

Brandie v.d. Landstrassen

AKA (Brei) 11/11 coat & conf.

VJP - 73 Armbruster -181

Ki is not available for breeding but is a great representative of the type of dogs we hope to produce.  Strong nose, pointing, love of water and an excellent companion.  He spent most of his informative time in Miami working on his surfing technic and salt water skills but is now back in the Carolinas and participates on our extended hunting trips as his schedule allows.

Kiser vom Stillwasser

We have been so impressed by Brei, that we went straight back to the well and got her half sister, Dixie (AKA Dina). She too is out of Ice vom Stillwasser but her sire is Volker II vom Jagdkonig, another up and coming producer.  She will run in her first VJP in the spring.
Dixie v.d. Landstrassen

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